Have you been trying to find someone trying to find great games? Well look no further!

We are Steam Curator Curator, curating curation for those who don't know what they want
but want someone to tell them who should tell them what they might want!





Some Legit Curators We Love



To be clear, we think the new Steam curation system is pretty rad and is on a path to solving a variety of problems. A number of people have have already asked "Who do I follow?" so it seems that better curation of curators would further strengthen the system.

All silliness aside, would anyone be interested in a legitimate curator curation site?

Type your email and we'll let you know if we ever build a real one ;)

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Steam Curator Curator -- curating curation for those who don't know which curators they want to curate their games but want someone to curate those curators.

Steam Curator Curator -- "But who curates the curator curators?"